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  • 101 4220
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  • 342 Skyline Wood Manor 1
  • 342 Skyline Wood Manor 5
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  • 342 Skyline Wood Manor 8
  • Enjoy Beautiful Views From This Skyline Home.
  • Skyline Wood Manor 28x50 Model D500
  • Skyline Wood Manor Fireplace in Livingroom
  • #342 Skyline Wood Manor Front Prow
  • #342 Bath Vanity
  • #342 Skyline Wood Manor-Master Bath Vanity

Skyline--Wood Manor*****As Low as: $88,309. As Shown: $112,735.SOLD

Lot_Model #342 Wood Manor
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
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Great Views from this prow front home!

Modular Homes

You can make any modular-style home into your own creation by adding a certain style of window or an enhanced architectural design. Modular homes can be more affordable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Modular homes must conform to specific rules, guidelines and building codes that often surpass those of traditional on-site homes. It pays to shop around since there can be significant differences in quality, price and service.

Modular Home Facts:

  • Modular homes appraise the same as their on-site built counterparts do.
  • Modular homes can be customized.
  • Most modular home companies have their own in-house engineering departments
    that utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design).
  • Modular home designs vary in style and size.
  • Modular homes are permanent structures – “real property.”
  • Modular homes can be built on a crawl space or basement.
  • Modular homes are considered a form of “Green Building.”
  • Modular homes are faster to build than a 100% site-built home.
  • Home loans for modular are the same as if buying a 100% site-built home.
  • Insuring your modular home is the same as a 100% site-built home.
  • Taxes on a modular home are the same as 100% site-built home.
  • Modular homes can be built to withstand 175 mph winds.
  • Modular homes can be built for accessible living and designed for future